The nonguvernamental sector from The Republic of Moldova

Period of implementation:soros 2002

Financial support: Soros-Moldova Foundation

Main objective: To realize a diagnosis of the nongovernmental sector from The Republic of Moldova, in order to identify the main development directions.

 Specific objectives:


1.) Study on the dynamics of the establishment, evolution and geographical spread of Moldavian NGO’s.

2.) Elaborating the research methodology.

3.) Applyig  the sociological research on the NGO’s and the development of focus-groups with experts.

4.) Creating the database.

5 .) Elaborating and publishing the research report.


8 focus-groups with experts from 8 domains of the nongovernmental sector:

  • youth;
  • protection of human rights;
  • mass-media;
  • education, culture, arts;
  • environment, ecology;
  • social;
  • public administration;
  • gender.


267 fulfilled questionnaire in accordance with the criteria:

  • Regional distribution;
  • Distribution in accordance to activity domains;
  • Activity rate of NGOs (mainly focusing on active NGOs).


Elaborated research report