Roma in The Republic of Moldova

Implementing Period: undpOctober 2005 – October 2006

Partners: CBS AXA from Chişinău,  „Terna Rom” Association

Financial support: UNDP Moldova

Main objective: 

Increase the awareness level upon the situation of the Roma groups in The Republic of Moldavia, by offering quantitative and qualitative data regarding the exposure degree to social exclusion, from a socio-demographic, income and expenses, poverty, education, labour market, unemployment, health, security, communication and migration perspective.


1.) Analysis of the legal and institutional framework in the minority domain and information programmes for the Roma people.

2.) Elaborating a quantitative poll based on regional methodology by fulfilling structured questionnaires on Roma families and non-Roma families living in the vicinity of Roma communities.

3.) Qualitative data collection through interviews with central authority representatives responsable in this domain, with Roma NGO leaders and donors.

4.) Elaboration of the research report.


1.) Study on 18 localities and 1200 households divided in 2 sub-groups (600 Roma and 600 non-Roma).

2.) Policies targeting Roma from Moldavia: employment opportunities, limited access to education and reduced participation to the  government, especially at a local level.

3.) Elaborate a platform  in order to identify solutions and policies useful in the implementation of exhaustive social inclusion programmes.