Research and Studies

The Popular Association A.S.E.P.DCatalactica’’, The Moldavian Subsidiary, has developed various researches and studiesregarding juvenile delinquency, the importance of education for the future generations and the role of probation and mediation into the justice administration.


The Association endeavours to facilitate the flow of ideas and the process of producing ideas, to use knowledge and to capitalize on knowledge by integrating the research experiences with their results in projects or activities with relevance, significance and impact regarding the safety of our society and communities.

On 2004, the Association was involved in the “Participatory program”, in the framework of the Project “National Strategy for Poverty Reduction and Economic Development”( World Bank, Government of Republic of Moldova) in order to participate on elaboration of Strategy for Poverty Reduction and Economic Development.

Main results recorded:

Organization of workshops and training programs to correlate the indicators with the specific needs of the Moldavian population;

Elaborating indicators to monitor the strategy.



Enhancing the individual capacity for social life knowledge and understanding it, is a major concern for our the entire society.

That is why the Association realized social studies for the general public, meant to raise the attention of the citizens over the society’s problems.


Corruption In Courts

Moldavian Higher Education