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The research was supported by the Moldavian Social Investitions Fund, financed by the Swiss Agency for International Cooperation and Development (SAID). The research was elaborated and coordonated by the Bernard Brunhes International Company from Paris, France (www.bb-i.biz), which also worked on the final report of the present study. The field researches and the computer data inputs have been realized by The CBS AXA Company from Chisinau (www.cbs-axa.org) and by The A.S.E.P.D. CATALACTICA, The Moldavian Subsidiary.
The research team was coordinated by Mr. Sorin Cace. The main members of the research team are: Daniel Arpinte, Vasile Cantarji, Nicolae Sali, Simona Stănescu, Valentin Vladu.
An outstanding support for the realization of this report has been offerd by Mrs. Maria Vremiş, Department Director, Information Systems, Monitorization and Evaluation of the FISM framework.
Studiul “Evaluarea capacității de cercetare a instituțiilor de învățământ superior
din Republica Moldova” a fost realizat de Asociația pentru dezvoltare și
promovare socio-economică ”Catalactica” la comanda Ministerului Educației
al Republicii Moldova și cu suportul financiar al Fundaţiei Soros-Moldova, în
cadrul Programului Buna Guvernare. Opiniile exprimate în acest studiu aparțin
autorilor și nu reprezintă neapărat poziția instituției finanțatoare.

The study “Evaluating the research capacity of higher level educational institutions in the Republic of Moldavia” was realized by The A.S.E.P.D. CATALACTICA, The Moldavian Subsidiary, at the request of the Education Ministery of the Moldavian Republic, and with the financial support of the Soros-Moldavia Foundation, inside the “Better Governing Program”. The opinions expressed in this study belong to the authors and do not necessary represent the position of the financing institution.

Sorin Cace
Nicolae Sali
Oana Banu
Sorin Cace
Corina Cace
Diana Cheianu-Andrei
Gheorghe Cuciureanu
Ionela Ionescu
Andra Panait
Andrei Pârvan
Smaranda Rotaru
Nicolae Sali
The data analysis for this study was realized by the Sociological Investigations Center and by CBS AXA Marketing.
For this report, both the discussions with the Roma Community Representatives (the most active NGO’s), and the recensions of Andrey Ivanov, a political counselor in the human development field, and Susanne Milcher, a specialist in the field of poverty and economical development (both working at the UNDP Regional Center at Bratislvala), wore taken into consideration.
The United Nations Development Program (UNDP), represents the global development network of the United Nations, that promotes and connects countries to information, expertise and the necessary resources to help people build a better life.

Sorin Cace

Vasile Cantarji

Nicolae Sali

Marin Alla
The publication “Ambassadors of Education Quality” appeared under the “E DUrabil project – A reliable and effective system of information, consultation and involvement in educational reforms in Moldova”, implemented by the Association for developing and promoting socio- economic “Catallactics” and with the support of Open Society Foundations through the Soros Foundation of Moldova.