Our Services

The Public Association The Association for Socio-Economic Development and Promotion  Catalactica, The Moldavian Subsidiary,services sets at the disposal of disadvantaged persons and groups from the society, a wide variety of integration services and personal and proffessional development, of the highest quality. These services are available through the implementation of social economy projects and are applied according to the best practices of the community. The main services offered by  The Association are:
Realizing specific activities, like research, consultancy, evaluation and social services.
Increasing the awareness level of both the local and central administration, and the public opinion about social, ecological, demographic and cultural problems of the ethnic minorities.
Providing programs and training stages for activities in the next domains: social, economic, cultural and humanitarian.
Organize scientific meetings, like 
round tables, symposiums, conferences, seminars and study workshops, in the country and abroad.
Developing informational networks to collect, systematize and spread the specific information and creates data bases. 
Implementing projects and activities with the audience participation in the framework of their impact on the socio-economical environment.
The Association has alot of experience implementing both local and regional projects, has researched a series of studies, maks evaluations and researches at the specific request of some non-profit organisations or fundations.
In order to implement it’s programs, projects and activities, The Association has at it’s disposal a material base, wich includes 3 fully equiped workstations (office computers, printers), 2 portable computers, 2 professional  printing and duplicating equipments, both photo and video digital recorders, 2 voice recorders, office furniture and devices, etc. 
The Association has access to an experienced research and implementation team, with specific skills and with the ability to successfully administrate the grant for the best project implementation and efficient budget claiming, a good example for this is the value of the last contract, of  46.000 Euros.