The Public Association  A.S.E.D.P.  CATALACTICA, The Moldavian Subsidiary, endeavours to facilitate the flow of ideas and the process of producing ideas, to use knowledge and to capitalize on knowledge by integrating the research experiences with their results in projects or activities with relevance, significance and impact regarding the safety of our society and communities.


The Objectives of The Association, specific to the general direction of development, assumed  by the legal status, are:

a.)  Recovery actions, integration and social promotion of persons or groups from the society, in order to enhance their activities and structures.                                 
b.) Promoting socio-economical intervention programs that offer support to the families in need. 
c.) Developing programs that value the work force and support the reintegration of unemployed people into activities that can provide safe, long lasting incomes.                                             
d.) Promoting socio-economical programs that fight delinquency, violence and drug abuse.              
e.) Optimizing the conditions of development and education for orphans and abandoned children, as well as social intervention and prevention programs for the “children of the street“.            
f.) Enhancing the life conditions of old people that are in difficulty, isolated from the community or the ones from social protection units.                                                   
g.)Promoting educational programs for teenagers, youngsters and adults, contributing to a good development and social integration.                                        
h.) Promoting cultural programs that keep traditions specific to the Romanian people, or to the ethnic minorities.                                        
i.) Developing programs that enhance the general health of the population and widens the access to medical services.                        
j.)  Promoting socio-economical programs for environmental protection, that contribute in preventing the effects of pollution, both on the economical and social scale.                              
k.)  Promoting socio-economical programs for the social integration of people with various disabilities.                                        
l.) Developing programs that help raise the participation and implication of citizens in the socioal and cultural development of  the community.