On the December 3rd and 4th, 2016 E Durabil project team! Engaging the community in supporting education has made visits to localities Old Badragii (Edinet), Lupa Recea, Sireţi (Straseni), Firladeni (Căuşeni). The visits were aimed to organize thematic seminars in order to familiarize community members with principal provisions of the policy documents on nationally education. The accumulated knowledge will allow the community members and, in particular, local initiative groups to identify the main lines of action and goals to formulate miniprojects to be developed and implemented.


Camp for children and parents

In the project’s Sustainable + Activation parents, actors core of the educational system was organized camp for children and parents that have been carried out a series of actions intended streamlining of parents in school-family partnership. Analysis of the impact of these actions. Details here


EDURABIL + Stimulating the activity of parents, basic actors of the educational system

The project “EDURABIL + Stimulating the activity of parents, basic actors of the educational system” concerns the identification of various social support mechanisms of helping vulnerable parents and of making parents aware of their responsibilities regarding the education of children and cooperation with the school. Details here

1 013The Practical Science Conference „Informing the population in the election campaigns through sociological researches”

On the 27-th of September, 2010, took place the practical science conference „Informing the population in election campaigns through sociological researches”. The organisation of the conference was conditioned by the importance of the elections analisys in the Republic of Moldavia, both in the framework of the realizations in proffessional sociology and the framework of the elections.

 Seminar organised in collaboration with the Association For Social Assistance Promotion in The Republic of Moldavia, with the purpose of promoting and implementing the social assistance system in the Republic of Moldavia and the social assistant profession.


IMG_0357The Round Table:The National Program for economical abilitation of the youth
Monday, the 11-th of February, 2013, took place the work-shops of the round table event titled „The national program for economical abilitation of the youth”. The President of the organization for the development of the small and middle enterprises sector (ODIMM) Mrs. Iulia IABANJI, has informed the youth about the possibilities for the participation in the programs and projects for the developement of the small and middle enterprises sector.
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The Customs Administration, the rights and obligations of the customs service has constituted the main subject of the discussions at the round table event with Adrian Morarescu, the head director of the Customs Services, that took place on the 6-th of March, 2013.