Evaluation of the research capacity of higher education institutions from The Republic of Moldova

Period of implementation: May 2013 – February 2014capacity

Financial supportSoros-Moldova Foundation

 Main objective:

Evaluation of the actual state regarding the research capacity of higher education institutions from The Republic of Moldova, of resources, adequate and quality planning and implementation of projects, development and innovation and, also, formulating previsions and recommendations regarding the development of this capacity.

Specific objectives:

  1. Presentation of the actual state of the higher education system from The Republic of Moldova, from the perspective of the capacity of higher education institutions to access funds, through individual participation or through partnerships/ consortiums and the ability to develop research, development and innovation, local and regional projects.
  2. Identification of the relevant research themes approached by higher education institutions from The Republic of Moldova
  3. Identification of impediments referring to the institution’s management regarding their research, development and innovation activity and formulating the main causes.
  4. Formulating the main risks relating institutional and normative arrangements referring to the limited access of higher education institutions to public resources assigned to research, development and innovation projects and the possibility of offering alternative solutions in order to improve this state of fact.
  5. Anticipation of the impact upon partnership or consortium participation projects have at regional and European level;
  6. Formulation and presentation of recommendations regarding policies and tactics for improving the absorption capacity of funds destined to higher education institutions for research, development and innovation projects.


Activity 1. Analysis of relevant documents and main statistical indicators specific to the research-development-innovation domain

Activity 2.  Elaboration and application of a standard instrument similar to a data collection form in universities, by which factual and quantitative data will be collected, regarding the purpose of the study.

Activity 3.  Preliminary data analysis

Activity 4 . Plan and organization of field research

Activity 5.  Data collection

Activity 6. Elaboration of a research report


  1. 10 forms with factual quantitative information from 10 universities (USEFS; ASEM; IRIM; UNSC; UPSIC; UTM; UST; USARB; USBPHC; USM).
  2. 11 auto-evaluation and evaluation reports from scientific accreditation  analysed ; 10 annual reports from universities regarding their scientific activities
  3. 48 semi-structural interviews and 2 focus groups with university representatives (directors, presidents, rectors, vice-directors, vice-rectors, project coordinators, research team members, general directors, consultants, clerks), The Ministry of Education, AŞM, CNAA, AGEPI Moldova, NGOs and the business environment.
  4. 8 recommendations referring to the Education Code, 5 recommendation referring to the reconsideration and functionality of The Science Academy from Moldova, 6 recommendation referring to the improvement of activities from the research domain of the Ministry of Education and 5 recommendations referring to the scientific activity of universities.