If we could make a better world only by the power of pure thoughts, Terra would fulfill it’s initial destiny of “heaven of the universe”, but that’s not possible without the help  from those who can ,,financially”, and also got what it takes to “care”. Those who have money, are not rich, they are just a “somebody” with money, as long as they don’t care about what is happening around them.
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         BCMobiasbanca – Groupe societe Generale” S.A.
      Bank Code:(BIC) : MOBBMD22 , confirms that on the name of
      The Association CATALACTICA  A.O. (DNO) 101 362 000 64 36
Current Accounts:

MDL  – 2224 710S V631 7075 7100
IBAN – MD62 M022 24AS V631 7075 7100

USD – 2224 710S V631 7083 7100
IBAN -MD58 MO2224ASV63170837100

EUR – 2224 710S V631 7091 7100
 IBAN  -MD54 MO22 24AS V631 7091 7100