♦ CBS AXA – from the Republic of MoldovaBernard Brunhes International (BBI) – from Paris and A.S.E.D.P. Catalactica” – The Moldavian Subsidiary, have evaluated the results and the impact of the projects promoted by FISM 2.


♦ The European Integration Institute and Political Sciences of the Moldavian Science Academy, The Sociology Department
The Members of A.S.E.D.P. Catalactica” – The Moldavian Subsidiary, have participated to the methodology elaboration and at the sociological research The Stratification of social evolution in the transforming conditions of the society and in the European integration perspective of The Republic of Moldova”.


♦ The Public Association “The Socio-Rural Initiative  and A.S.E.D.P. 
– The Moldavian Subsidiary, have realized the research Corruption in Courts”, dfrom the framework of the corruption monitor program.


♦ Spolu International Foundation (Netherlands) and  The  A.S.E.D.P. 
– The Moldavian Subsidiary, have realized researches and terrain studies about the situation of the Roma people in the Republic of Moldova.


♦ The Independent Service  of Sociology and Information The Opinion: The Members of The A.S.E.D.P. Catalactica” – The Moldavian Subsidiary,​ have participated to all of the sociological monitory studies „The Barometer of The Society”, where a wide spectrum of problems  wore monitored, permanently updated with new subjects, depending on the changes and social processes that occur in the society. The researches: „Contemporary problems of the Society”; „Contemporary problems of Moldavian Youth”; „Eurobarometer”; „ Social Exclusion in Moldavia”; „Parliamentary Elections and The Candidates”, are reflecting the population’s morale, the socio-poitical situation, economical and cultural, the quality of life , the activities of institutions and the degree of confidence of the population in the public institutions, politcial parties, politicians, etc.,


The Contact” Center: Members of The  A.S.E.D.P. Catalactica”  , 
The Moldavian Subsidiary, have participated to the methodology elaboration and at the sociological research :The non-governmental sector from The Moldavian Republic”.

The Public Association –
Association for Socio-Economic Development   and Promotion  Catalactica“ , 
The Moldavian Subsidiary,
 is working all together with all it’s participant members, in order to excell at implementing projects and offering high quality services only, according to the best practices for the community. 
These are the main collaborators of The Association