Catalactica Int.

Association for Socio-Economical Promotion and Development CATALACTICA,  is an international organization, apolitical, non-governmental and non-profit, that has as main purpose the socio-economical development and promotion of all the persons from the society, regardless of age, sex, nationality, political or religious opinion.

The main office of the Association was established in Romania, in 2002, in order to extend and diversify the programs implemented since 1996, by the ECHOSOC Foundation.

On the same year of 2002, due to the initiation, managing and promotion of collaboration relationships and external partnership  cooperation, the Republic of Moldavia Subsidiary was founded.

Having the same main purpose, same objectives and following mutual development directions, The Public Association A.S.E.D.P. CATALACTICA, The Moldavian Subsidiary, is an ASSOCIATED PARTNER  of th co-beneficiary organization, from Romania.

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