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 LegalThe Association’s Legal Status

  The Popular Association
The Association for  Socio-Economic Development And Promotion 
                        The Moldavian Subsidiary 


This document was approved due to the association’s General Assembly at Chisinau, based on the statement signed on the 5-th of June 2013, and it was registered by the Justice Department  of  The Moldavian Republic, with The Registration Certificate number 2137, from the 15-th of june 2013. The next issues have been set on the official record:



1.1              The Public Association for Socio-Economical Development and promotion ”CATALACTICA”, The Moldavian Subsidiary,  «The Association» from now on, is a public non gornmental association, apolitical ad non-profit, founded  by  the free will manifestation of the associates, with the purpose of commonly achieving the goals  determined by the present document.
1.2              Full Romanian Name: Asociaţia Obştească  Asociația pentru Dezvoltare și Promovare Socio-Economică ”CATALACTICA”, filiala Moldova
1.3              The Association is founded and develops it’s activity in acordance to the Republic of Moldavia Constitution, The Common Law Of The Moldavian Republic No. 837-XIII regarding the public associations from the 17-th of May,  1996.
1.4              The Association constitutes in the juridical organization form: «public association».
1.5              The Association gains the juridical person quality from the registration moment of the legal status (present document) with the  Justice Department of the Moldavian Republic, enabling all the rights and obligations that are atributed by  law to this kind of juridicsal persos. The Association has a stamp, a logo, personal financial registry, a bank account, both in ROL and foreign currency,fiscal code, as well as other attributions of the juridical person.
1.6              The Association reprezents a republican public association and develops it’s activity on the entire  teritory of the            Republic.  The Association has an unlimited status.
1.7              The Association is non-profit, apolitical, and of public utility.
1.8              The Association will use the entire revenue generated by it’s activity in achieving the  goals mentioned in the status.
1.9              The Association will not support any political party, elections block or candidate to any function inside the public autorities and will not use any part of it’s revenues or properties in financing them.
1.10            The Association has a distinctive patrimonium, necessary in order to assure the activity in the status, and  is responsable for it’s obligations with this patrimonium.
1.11           The main address of The Association is: The Republic of Moldavia,  Chişinău City, University Blvd., no 13, ap. 1 .        

From here you can download the full document (only in Romanian) – CATALACTICA Legal Status.