Association Preview

The Public Association The Association for Socio-Economical Promotion and Development Catalactica, The Moldavian Subsidiary, is a public, non-governmental association, non-profit and apolitical, founded by the free will manifestation of the associated members, in order to reach the common goals and objectives that determines them.
WinnerThe Main Goal of the organization is to contribute at the socio-economic promotion and development of all of the vulnerable social groups and categories, regardless of their age, sex, nationality, political or religious opinion.
The Public Association A.S.E.P.D. “Catalactica, has the next general development directions:
+ Promovating the socio-economic developement of vulnerable persons and groups in the society; + Promovating the socio-economic rehabilitation programs ; + Integrating and supporting the families in social need.
The primary activities in the organizational framework, are:
-> Promovating dialogue between youth and public institutions; -> Informing the youth about their rights and freedoms; -> Informing the people about their civil rights and freedoms and assisting the one’s in need; ->Organization of information courses and training courses, for both the public and it’s members; ->Organizig activities on educational nature: creation camps, competitions, apllied cicles, performances, sports, etc.
* All of these activites are realised with the help of collabourators and through the development of new strategic partnerships, with specialised public institutions and professional organisations.

The founder of the Association for Social-Economical Promotion and Development Nicolae Sali (18.09.196113.09.2015).
Here are some of the main objectives of the Association, specific to the general development directions and assumed by it’s legal status:
a.) Recovery actions, social integration and promotion of the vulnerable persons or groups in the society, in order to improve their activities and structures;
b.)Promoting socio-economical programs for intervention and support for the families in difficulty;
c.)Developing programs concerning the work force value and the reintegration of unemployed persons back into prosperous activities that provide safe and long lasting revenue;
The Asssociation is founded throughthe donations of active members, the fees for the organised courses and by implementing new projects.
The Asssociation is runed by the President, assisted by the Board of Directors wich periodically consult with the General Council of the members.