EDurabil +

Information booklet on the project’s implementation EDurabil! Engaging the community in supporting education. Details here

EDurabil +

Information booklet on the project’s implementation EDurabil+ Stimulating the activity of parents, basic actors of the educational system. Details here

Project “EDURABIL + Stimulating the activity of parents, basic actors of the educational system” concerns the identification of various social support mechanisms of helping vulnerable parents and of making parents aware of their responsibilities regarding the education of children and cooperation with the school.

Nowadays, we are witnessing reduced capacities and lack of experience in the field of parental education. Besides concrete aspects regarding material deprivation, the parents’ educational flaws, which are reflected in the precariousness of the cognitive and axiological offer addressed to the children, have a negative impact of the same importance. The analysis of the legal framework concerning the development of parental abilities and competencies in the Republic of Moldova reveals the necessity of developing parental abilities, competencies, as well as various specialized services of parental education.

Project goal: A qualitative research of the process generating premises favorable to the enhancement of social cohesion at a local level through the stimulation of the school – community partnership. Particularly, the project will tackle two case studies: Lupa Recea, Strășeni rayon and Racovăț, Soroca rayon, where the community spirit and social solidarity represent values with an important social desirability.

Project objectives:

  • The identification of socio-educational problems and operationalizing solutions regarding the stimulation of various community mechanisms for supporting vulnerable families with children on the basis of carrying out focus-groups with parents and teachers.
  • The implementation of various educational technologies for the stimulation of the involvement of the parents from the experimental group as educational actors (with a multiplicative effect, so that they can use them for informing other interested persons).
  • The creation of positive representations regarding the importance of parents’ activity in the school – family partnership by implementing coherent actions for informing, promoting and popularizing initiatives and events with an educational specific at a local level in the target community and at a public opinion level (media, social networks).
  • The dissemination of the knowledge produced in the project and the final impact evaluation.

The immediate and expected impact following the implementation of the project:

  • Rescaling representations and widening the spectrum of the public’s opinions concerning the aspects of education reform:
  • A better acquaintance of the public opinion with the problem of education;
  • An increase in the quantity and quality of the information from mass-media regarding the school – family partnership in the Republic of Moldova;
  • A heightened sensitivity of the society towards various profound aspects resulting from the elaborated socio-economical profile of the monoparental families.

Concrete effects in the communities involved in the implementation of the project:

  • The parents/legal representatives/persons caring for the children – participating in the project will apply positive practices of caring for, raising and educating children;
  • The children participating in the project will grow in a family environment more favorable towards reaching their potential.

The development of knowledge from a theoretical and praxeological aspect:

  • The elaboration of recommendations regarding ways of educational intervention, with the involvement of social actors, with the goal of boosting the activity of the school – family partnership.
  • The results of the sociological research will contribute to the establishment and ensuring the functionality of a national system for the development of parental abilities and competencies.

At the end of the 9 implementation months (February – October 2016), the project will continue to produce at least the following effects:

  • Engaging public interest towards the problem of parents’ role in the reformation of the educational system;
  • Promoting an efficient way of influencing the strategic decisions concerning education, learning, formation;
  • Making use of the experience of local coordinators as key persons for similar initiatives;
  • Monitoring and improving the ways of interaction in the school – community partnership.

The sustainability of the project will be ensured through the transferability of the results towards other beneficiaries, through their integration in public strategies and policies at a local level, as well through their use in future projects related to: the development of programs capitalizing on the human capital for the economic growth of communities; the communication, cooperation and collaboration among various institutional actors in the field of supporting and promoting children with a high creative potential, with distinguished intellectual capacities or operational abilities; increasing the access to employment, education, health and social services.